General Overview of Today Management and Organization Issues

There comes a functioning economy system at the beginning of the conditions necessary for the existence of a country. The economy of a country being-well depends on the fact that the businesses producing goods and services in or outside that country to operate effectively and efficiently. Today, rapid changes and innovations in information and technology, globalization, which means easy circulation of capital among borders, increasing competition, conscious customer demands, developments in human rights and environmental awareness have all resulted in the emergence of a new paradigm in the field of business administration. According to this; it is necessary for businesses to have an awareness of issues such as strategic management in order to sustain its existence and profit on average return. For this reason, it has become imperative for a business to give special emphasis to the functions of management and organization more than other functions. In this study, it is tried to generally determine some problems that a business may encounter in the field of management and organization today. It is aimed to be useful to all interested parties in order to draw attention to these problems and to establish a functioning management and organizational function.


Management and Organization, Paradigm, Strategic Management, Globalization

Author : -Emine KARAKAPLAN- Edip DOĞAN - H. Yusuf GÜNGÖR
Number of pages: 1-10
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