Extractıon Route Of Introductıon Generatıon -Forums, Solutions And Suggestions -

Sezai Karakoç, who focuses on the vital problems of the society in his writing life that transcends half a century and produces theses on these so-runes, prepares his works with his works, posture, character, thoughts and discourses in order to grow the youth he calls "Resurrection Genesis. Focusing on the future when fed from the past, Karakoç produces original ideas that cover wide areas in order to establish a "castle with a root". As a guru who dedicates his life to the resurrection of a civilized civilization, it does not only reveal the problems, but also proposes solutions to the problems of the nation's mood. In this sense, Karakoç is a revelation of the discoveries and discoveries of our civilization's heritage. In this article, Karakoç tried to determine the world of thought, especially from the works of Exit Road, and he focused on the problems he thinks he has blocked his way out and the way he has pointed out the solution of these problems.


Civilization, resurrection, westernization, intellectual, education.

Author : -Mehmet DOĞAN
Number of pages: 47-56
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