“Mortar Of Language / A Folk Etymology Essay” Book

Words including material and moral values of a society can undergo changes both formally and semantically over time because of various reasons. Wars, immigration, trade, tergiversate could be among these reasons. While the earliest forms of some of the words undergone changes formally and semantically could be found out by tracing them, which processes the others have undergone to get their current forms could only be guessed. The study called “Mortar Of Language / A Folk Etymology Essay” by Ali YILDIRIM, instructor in Department of Turkish Language and Literature in Fırat University, involves inappropriate usage of words used almost in every area but undergone changes formally and semantically over time while being used by the public and their appropriate usage or what can be their appropriate usage. In this study, it was tried to let the examples handled by the author to reveal the false facts be made known by larger mass of readers. The book consists of 60 titles in total. The author handles and evaluates the words or word groups in a plain and humorous way one by one under these 60 titles.


language, etymology, semantic

Author : -Nülifer KARADAĞ
Number of pages: 57-60
Full text:
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